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Dhaujee Rose

Dhaujee is a yoga and mindfulness instructor and educator. Her journey in the practice began during a service trip in Guwahati, India. When she's not supporting or developing learning programs for local youth, she's guiding LA corporate residents and employees through a slow, mindful flow. To Dhaujee, the yoga mat is a playful classroom, a space for mental, physical and spiritual exploration. Her classes are thoughtful, inviting students to move with intention and push limits of the mind and body with each visit to the mat.

Dhaujee's Latest Classes

  • 20 minutes

    Runner's Recovery

    By Dhaujee Rose on Aug 8, 2022

    A short and sweet practice for all of the runners or anyone who wants to explore the depths of their hips. A perfect blend of internal and external rotations to find space and release all the things we've hidden in our largest joint! Add this sequence to your personal practice or use it to recover from a nice long run or bike ride. Enjoy!

  • 25 minutes

    Heart + Shoulder HIIT

    By Dhaujee Rose on Jun 14, 2022

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    The focus is on the upper body in this yoga sculpt! You'll find expansion in the heart and shoulders through variations of familiar asanas. The practice kicks off with repetition to build heat, then closes out with slow, spacious stretches. A mix of balance, binds and twists is perfect to get your heart rate lifted and your heart space open!

  • 13 minutes

    Morning Energizer

    By Dhaujee Rose on May 24, 2022

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Energize the mind and body as you start your day with Dhaujee. If you're short on time but want to get an invigorating flow in, this offering is perfect for you! Repeat the sequence if you have more time or use as a warm up for your favorite yoga sculpt class. Have fun energizing!

  • 30 minutes

    Sweet Heat HIIT

    By Dhaujee Rose on May 10, 2022

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    Are you ready to build some sweet heat!? If so, grab your light and heavy weights, a block and a bottle of water. Dhaujee offers balance, repetitions and holds that really build the heat throughout the body. You'll explore every major muscle group in this yoga sculpt, perfect to energize and tone! Hope you enjoy this sweet sculpt!

  • 34 minutes

    Divine Spine

    By Dhaujee Rose on Apr 15, 2022

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    A sweet and gentle flow that's all about the spine. The practice begins with a seated warm up that moves you from the cervical spine and all the way down to the sacral. After that, you'll roll, twist and fold in different postures that promote spinal expansion and alignment. Have fun exploring and opening in this juicy offering!

  • 16 minutes

    Back to Breath

    By Dhaujee Rose on Mar 28, 2022

    Meditation Beginner

    This practice is all about connecting to the breath, our life force. In this guided meditation, Dhaujee offers a few gentle prana exercises that allows us to build a deeper and fuller breath. Take a moment to breathe intentionally with this short and gentle practice.

  • 25 minutes

    Keep on Movin'

    By Dhaujee Rose on Mar 16, 2022

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this flow we just keep on moving! That's right, we take our child's pose early on and settle into ujjayi breath to prepare for 20 minutes of beautiful, fluid movement. Each breath is linked to a posture or transition to support your flow. Have fun in this flow that invites you get out of your head and into your body!

  • 43 minutes

    Back 2 Basics

    By Dhaujee Rose on Mar 10, 2022

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    Join Dhaujee in this tutorial style offering that takes it back to the basics. We take a moment to discuss alignment cues in some of our most visited postures. Find new spaces to open, adjust and enter postures in a safe and strong way. Enjoy!

  • 29 minutes

    Head to Toe HIIT

    By Dhaujee Rose on Feb 21, 2022

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    In this yoga sculpt, we invigorate the entire body. We start with old faithful sun salutations to build heat and from our final downward dog, we take off! Timed reps guide us through core, arm, and lower body exercises that are sure to get your muscles activated and your heart rate up. Own your strength, build heat and have fun with Dhaujee in this head to toe HIIT! *Note* a blanket may be helpful to support the knees.

  • 31 minutes

    Stability Sculpt

    By Dhaujee Rose on Feb 7, 2022

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    We build balance through a strong core and stable breath in this sculpt! The practice kicks off with a core sequence to get acquainted with the muscles that help us stabilize. Then we move to tabletop position for a sequence focused on extension from the core. We finish it off with a standing sequence to test the balance we've cultivated. Enjoy!

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