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Dhaujee Rose

Dhaujee is a yoga and mindfulness instructor and educator. Her journey in the practice began during a service trip in Guwahati, India. When she's not supporting or developing learning programs for local youth, she's guiding LA corporate residents and employees through a slow, mindful flow. To Dhaujee, the yoga mat is a playful classroom, a space for mental, physical and spiritual exploration. Her classes are thoughtful, inviting students to move with intention and push limits of the mind and body with each visit to the mat.

Dhaujee's Latest Classes

  • 43 minutes

    Take Up Space!

    By Dhaujee Rose on Nov 26, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this dynamic offering, we will use all four corners of our mat and embody the energy of expansion. Using fiery sequences, Dhaujee will take us through a flow that's all about showing up and challenging ourselves to take up a little more space. Space in your breath, space in your body, space in your mind. Variations are offered for you to honor your limits even while expanding. Enjoy!

  • 35 minutes

    Block Party

    By Dhaujee Rose on Nov 20, 2023

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    Did you know that blocks can both support and spice up your practice?! In this slow and steady yoga sculpt practice, Dhaujee guides us through a flow that incorporates blocks for strength and stability. This is not the traditional sculpt class with HIIT, this is a great way to slowly repeat exercises with blocks to support toning of your muscles. If the reps with the blocks don't make you sweat, at least Dhaujee's bloopers will make you laugh. Enjoy!

  • 36 minutes

    Low Back Love

    By Dhaujee Rose on Nov 13, 2023

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    In this offering, we focus our attention on the low back. Through steady breath, Dhaujee moves us through poses that invite an understanding of the connection between the tightness of the hips and the tension in the the low back. The movement is slow and props are encouraged to offer a gentle release in our spine throughout the entire practice. Enjoy!

  • 38 minutes

    Rise and Bind

    By Dhaujee Rose on Nov 4, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this offering, we get into the benefits of binds. Binds may seem like an advanced yogi option, but there are so many ways to engage with binds, especially with the use of props. Dhaujee moves us through a familiar vinyasa practice that incorporates binds as a way to promote intentional opening in our postures. Grab your straps and get ready to go deeper in this practice!

  • 34 minutes

    Deep Slow Flow

    By Dhaujee Rose on Oct 22, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    This is a deep, slow flow where we will do some strengthening - think goddess pose reps holding a weight if you have one and side plank holds - but these are just fleeting moments of intensity in what is a mostly slow, mindful flow where we have enough time in each pose to really feel our feelings and breathe!

  • 46 minutes

    Finding Balance

    By Dhaujee Rose on Oct 2, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    A flow that's all about balance! If you can find it on your mat, it will be easier to find it in your life, and even if you wobble all over the place today, you can practice breathing through unsteadiness which is always a good skill to work on! You can expect time standing on one leg in many different ways, core work, sweat, laughter and deep breath. Two blocks will be helpful, along with a strap! Enjoy yogis, and keep breathing.

  • 37 minutes

    Full Body Feels

    By Dhaujee Rose on Sep 26, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this flow, you'll send some love to your full body. A sweet warrior sequence gives us time to tap into breath, balance and movement. We strengthen the core and wind it down with some hip love before closing out with a meditation to ground you in embracing the fullness of life. If you're hungry for a quick yoga flow, this offering from Dhaujée will leave you nice and full!

  • 37 minutes

    Side Body Sweetness

    By Dhaujee Rose on Aug 28, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Side body sweetness coming up! Spend some time with Dhaujee stretching and moving, targeting side-body spaciousness, twists, core engagement, standing balance, and more...and walk away from your mat breathing freely and feeling 2 inches taller!

  • 49 minutes

    Slow Spine and Hip Release

    By Dhaujee Rose on Aug 15, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this slow and steady flow, you will find release in your spine and hips. Those sweet spaces where we tend to dump a lot of stress and tension get some deserved TLC! Linking breath to motion, Dhaujee moves us through postures offering modifications and props to focus on a deep release. There are some moments of heat to shift the focus to mobility in the back and hip areas, but overall a sweet and smooth practice. Enjoy!

  • 55 minutes

    Vin to Yin I

    By Dhaujee Rose on Jul 31, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    You get the best of both worlds in this flow with Dhaujee. Kicking it off with fluid movement and closing out with gentle attention in a sweet yin offering. The practice begins linking breath to motion in a fiery vinyasa flow that is sure to open you up. Then we slow it down for focused attention in some yin postures supported by props and full, slow breaths. Take some time to tap in deeply with your muscles, breath and mind in this full practice.

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