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Dhaujee Rose

Dhaujee is a yoga and mindfulness instructor and educator. Her journey in the practice began during a service trip in Guwahati, India. When she's not supporting or developing learning programs for local youth, she's guiding LA corporate residents and employees through a slow, mindful flow. To Dhaujee, the yoga mat is a playful classroom, a space for mental, physical and spiritual exploration. Her classes are thoughtful, inviting students to move with intention and push limits of the mind and body with each visit to the mat.

Dhaujee's Latest Classes

  • 40 minutes

    Gentle Heart and Hips

    By Dhaujee Rose on Nov 15, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    We take it slow in this hip and heart focused practice. There are so many emotions tucked away in these spaces of our body, so we move gently to offer an intentional release. Approach and work through discomfort in the asanas with gentle holds and deep breaths. Leave this practice feeling open physically and emotionally. Hope you enjoy! *Please note, if gomukhasana doesn't feel right for your knees, you can thread the needle on your back instead!

  • 15 minutes

    Tech Neck, Be Gone

    By Dhaujee Rose on Oct 20, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    The shift to working virtually has undoubtedly taken a toll on our minds and bodies. This mini practice is dedicated to releasing the tension we hold in our spine and arms from sitting at our computers all day. The specific focus is between the cervical and thoracic spine (from your neck to your ribcage) as well as the shoulders and wrists. Take 15 minutes at your desk, in your bed or on your mat to release some tension and protect your neck!

  • 25 minutes

    Fiery Full Body Sculpt

    By Dhaujee Rose on Oct 13, 2021

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    In this short and sweet sculpt, we energize all of the major muscle groups. We start with vinyasa variations to warm up the upper body, moving into squats for leg fun. The flow finishes with a core sequence that surely brings the heat if you aren't already sweating. As always with the sculpt offerings, you can add or subtract reps to make your practice more personal. Have fun and tone it up with this fiery flow!

  • 17 minutes

    Habits of Heart and Mind

    By Dhaujee Rose on Oct 2, 2021

    Meditation Beginner

    In this short but sweet meditation, Dhaujee invites us to embrace a healthy heart and mind balance. We spend a moment in each space with breath and a seed mantra before finding a connection between heart and head. Take a moment to nurture your mental and emotional space with us!

  • 44 minutes

    Sweet Core + Hamstring Flow

    By Dhaujee Rose on Sep 20, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    In this flow we send our attention to our core, hips and legs. We warm up with a few modified vinyasas and build a practice that targets core balance and leg strength. You'll get a chance to play with variations and to take up space on your mat! Come for the challenge, stay for the yoga.

  • 33 minutes

    Get Grounded

    By Dhaujee Rose on Sep 3, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    A yoga practice that doesn't require standing?! Yes please! In this gentle flow, we stay low and breathe through modifications of our favorite poses. This isn't a restorative practice but it moves slow and steady. This flow is perfect if you have low energy and still want a thorough, opening practice.

  • 19 minutes

    Overcoming Obstacles

    By Dhaujee Rose on Aug 23, 2021

    Meditation Beginner

    Obstacles, we all encounter them and have to make a choice to overcome or be taken over. In this meditation, Dhaujee offers a mix of breath, mudras and contemplation centered around obstacles. Take a moment to acknowledge blockages, show gratitude for the lesson, and set an intention of overcoming!

  • 14 minutes

    Your Presence is a Present

    By Dhaujee Rose on Aug 3, 2021

    Meditation Beginner

    A meditation all about being present! This quick and simple practice is great when you feel lost in your headspace and short on time. In this "countdown meditation" we tap into the 5 senses to bring our consciousness outward and pause the internal dialogue. Accessible for all ages and perfect for a family moment of mindfulness!

  • 31 minutes

    Twist It Out

    By Dhaujee Rose on Jul 15, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Our bodies show up for us in SO many ways, physically and emotionally. Often times, we tuck those unprocessed energies away in our muscles and joints. Twisting the body is an excellent way to detoxify your internal organs along with your muscles and joints while freeing yourself up energetically. Join Dhaujee for a quick detoxifying and energizing flow where you'll twist it out!

  • 25 minutes

    Fiery Sculpt Flow

    By Dhaujee Rose on Jul 2, 2021

    Yoga for Athletes Intermediate

    Want to build some heat in a flow practice but short on time? This fiery sculpt flow is a fun and energetic way to do just that. We start the flow with gentle holds to warm up the muscles. Then heat it up with reps, pulses and even a new yoga dance! Come have some fun and get your heart rate up with Dhaujee. Enjoy!

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