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Frequently Asked...

Where did "Search by Length, Level, and Teacher" go?

Apologies to those of you who are used to the old site! We moved some stuff around. Search icon is at the top right corner of any page while you're logged in (it's the little magnifying glass). You can still search by teacher, length, and level, and now you can also search for classes featuring certain poses, filter by style, areas of focus, and more!

What are "Channels" and how can I use them?

When you create your own custom channel, you define what kind of classes you'd like to appear in that channel. For example, if you frequently search for 30 minute classes that focus specifically on hip-opening, enter those search terms, then click the "create channel" button above the results. This channel is only visible by you. When we add classes that match your search, those new classes will automatically appear in your channel. If you'd like to receive an email each time a new class is available in your channel, you can turn on notifications in your account preferences.

What's the difference between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced?

Our Advanced classes will assume you already have a solid foundation to build on your yoga practice. Beginner classes are obviously a great place to start if you're new to yoga, but that doesn't mean that a more experienced practitioner won't benefit from taking them, too. Classes labeled "Intermediate" are often taught in a way that are accessible and suitable for practitioners of all experience levels – that is, modifications to poses are offered so a beginner can adapt them to be easier or more gentle, and a more experienced student can amplify the challenge of the poses.

What should I do if I need help with a certain yoga pose?

We have a large and growing library of yoga pose tutorials, complete with video demonstrations and detailed explanations of their benefits, key alignment points, and common contraindications.

If you ever experience pain in a pose, you should come out of the pose right away. Many poses in yoga can be physically and emotionally confrontational and present healthy challenges, but any movement or posture that produces sharp pain should be avoided. See a medical professional to determine if this type of exercise is suitable and safe for you.

I've never done yoga before. Where should I start?

Try our Beginners Series! For most people, it's the perfect place to begin. This is a series of six classes, and each one is intended to be taken repeatedly until you feel comfortable moving through the entire class (this doesn't mean it should be "easy" for you; yoga is hard!) When you've completed the whole series, you'll be well on your way to a strong and solid yoga practice!

What if I want to take a class, but not right now?

That's exactly what your Watchlist is for! Anywhere on the site, you'll see either a "Watch Later" button at the top of each video thumbnail (if you're on a desktop or laptop device) or a "+" button if you're using a tablet or mobile device. Click or tap the button and the class is now in your Watchlist. You can see all of the classes in your Watchlist at the top of the Practice page. You can remove any class from your Watchlist anytime by clicking or tapping the button again. Easy!

How do I save a class that I really enjoyed?

Just keep it in your Watchlist and it will always be right there at the top of your Practice page. See the question directly above this one for more details.

I took a class recently that I really liked, but I didn't Watchlist it. How can I find it?

Easy! Visit your viewing history. If there are a lot of classes in your history, just enter a word or two into the search input and we'll find everything you've viewed that matches those words.

I really like a particular teacher. How can I stay informed about what they're doing?

Follow them! There is a "follow" button next to the teacher's name under the video player. It's also on the teacher's profile page, which you can get to by clicking on a teacher's name under each video thumbnail. When you follow a teacher, you'll always see the teacher's latest classes in your Practice page. If you turn on notifications (on your account page), we'll send you an email each time a teacher you follow has a new class on the site!

Where did my "Favorites" go?

We've made some changes to the layout of the site. Classes that you previously marked as "favorites" are now in your "Watchlist", which appears at the top of the Practice page. You can add and remove classes from your Watchlist anywhere on the site by clicking the "Watch Later" button on the video thumbnails on laptop or desktop devices, or the small "+" button on the thumbnails on mobile and tablet devices.

How can I ask the teacher a question or tell them how much I loved the class?

We love it when you leave comments underneath the video! We'll keep an eye out for your comment and reply as soon as we can. Of course, please be kind and courteous just as you would after a class at your neighborhood yoga studio.

Which classes are downloadable?

Non-subscribers may purchase downloads of certain classes. Monthly subscribers can purchase downloads of available classes at half price, and yearly subscribers are entitled to 2 free downloads per month, then unlimited half-price downloads of available classes. The classes which are downloadable will have a download link located beneath the video player.

Are the classes streamed live?

We produce live video recordings of classes as they occur at our Santa Monica studio. We don't edit them or stage them specifically for video viewing, so they feel "live" and natural, just as if you were attending a regular class at your local studio. We also produce some shorter length videos which do not include live students participating. These are often in the form of tutorials and pose demonstrations. But even these classes are unedited, and like we said before, what happens in this room is what you end up seeing on the site. Simple as that!

I started a free trial but I see a $1 charge on my bank or credit card account. What's the deal?

It's just a temporary hold – not an actual charge – to make sure the card is valid. It will automatically disappear, usually in a day or two, depending on your bank.

I have a special request. Who should I ask?

If you have a request directed to a specific teacher, you can always ask in the comments section beneath one of that teacher's classes. Otherwise, you can email us. We love hearing from our yogis, so don't be shy!

I tried to sign up but my card was declined. There's nothing wrong with my card. What's up with that?

Boo! So sorry! Unfortunately, when a bank denies a transaction, the only explanation we get is... well, whatever message you saw. You can contact your bank to find out more and ask them to accept the transaction. The other option: we can accept Paypal for a prepaid non-recurring yearly subscription ($150). If you want to go that route, you can pay here and we'll set you up pronto!