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Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton was born and raised in New York City and thought she would never live anywhere else. She graduated from Barnard College at Columbia University, where she began practicing yoga during her senior year. In 2001, she surprised herself and fell in love with Santa Monica, where she has lived ever since. Ally completed an English Major and a Psychology minor while in school, and thought she would be all kinds of things, from a ballerina or a veterinarian when she was a kid, to a lawyer or psychologist while in college. However, the practice of yoga changed everything in her life for the better, and decades later she can’t imagine having devoted her life to anything else. Ally has also written two books, one based on her popular blog, and one based on decades of yoga practice. She is currently working on her third book, a memoir. Ally is the mother of two, a son and a daughter who light up her life and blow her mind regularly. When she is not with her kids or writing, she is filming classes for this site, filming all the teachers on this site, or answering your emails. While she does not normally speak about herself in the third person, she thinks you should know she wrote this bio, and is honored and excited to have you here! Welcome.

You Save the Day

By Ally Hamilton on June 14

There’s no running from yourself. If you have pain, it’s going to surface and if you try to stop it, deny it, numb it out or run from it you’re just going to make yourself sick. People do it eve...

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