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I have forever enjoyed working with children - their energy, enthusiasm and pure love is a gift! Certified through Light on Lotus, YogaBuddies and YogaWorks, I am so grateful to be able to inspire through the practice of yoga. My classes are playful, filled with laughter, self expression and mindfulness, and I strive to bring awareness, connection and confidence to my kids (and their families)! Yoga is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, providing them with tools they will use for the rest of their lives. I am a mom to a nine-and-a-half year old step-daughter, Lily, and a 14 month old son, Hudson, and I know that no matter how old, yoga will help children gain internal and external strength, flexibility and balance. I am thrilled to bring peace and yoga to the Yogis Anonymous family!

Jessica's Latest Classes

  • 12 minutes

    Drawing Your Feelings

    By Jessica Jablonski on Dec 30, 2023

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    (If the kids are off of school right now, we have you covered! And you might want to join in :)) All Ages! Are you having BIG feelings? Me, too! Sometimes we have big feelings of joy, excitement, happiness or anticipation, and other times we have big feelings of sadness, anger, fear, or frustration. Whatever your big feelings might be, the important thing is to work with the way we feel! Pretending not to be scared won't make our fear go away. In this class, we're going to draw our big feelings and then work with them in our bodies! We'll give them a way to come to the surface so we realize ALL feelings are okay, we just have to figure out why we feel the way we do, and what to do with the feelings we have. Ready? Grab some paper and crayons and let's play!

  • 9 minutes

    Sound Mapping

    By Jessica Jablonski on Mar 22, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    All Ages Did you know that we can practice listening? Listening is a skill that we can work on! We will warm up with some upper body stretches, like cactus and shoulder rolls, and then play a fun listening game called 1-2-3 clap! Then we will be ready for the highlight of class, sound mapping. You will need a piece of paper and something to write with for this activity. By learning how to focus our minds and bodies on the sounds surrounding us, we can become more focused and better listeners! Do you hear what i hear? xo

  • 9 minutes

    Color Matching Mindfulness

    By Jessica Jablonski on Feb 19, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    All Ages / Family What is your favorite color? Mine is orange, all shades of orange! How many colors are there in nature? Look closely and you will see thousands of shades of every color, more than enough to fill a box of crayons! When we rush past everything outside, we don’t notice all of this variety. But when we are more mindful, we can slow down and look with curiosity. Before playing this game, grab a box of crayons and an adult. We will first warm up with nature-based poses like butterfly and tree pose. Then we are going to try to match the colors of the crayons to things in nature or inside our homes! This is an activity that you can do over and over again. It's a great way to connect with nature, and one another. Enjoy!

  • 11 minutes

    Let's Draw...With Our Toes?!

    By Jessica Jablonski on Feb 1, 2021

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    Let’s Draw ... With Our Toes?! All Ages For this class, you will need a piece of paper, something to draw with and a hard surface to draw on. We are going to draw ... with our toes! This activity is so much fun, but it also shows us how important our feet are in helping us stay centered and grounded. We will play with lots of balancing poses, like tree pose and airplane pose, and will build body awareness in this fun flow! Thanks for drawing and balancing with me today! "Rise and Shine On"

  • 13 minutes

    Silly Straps

    By Jessica Jablonski on Jan 15, 2021

    Hatha Beginner

    Ages 4+ We are going to play with yoga straps, but if you don't have one that's okay!! You can use a scarf, or a belt, or even a rolled up towel. We call a yoga strap a prop in yoga class. Props are great tools that help us do poses in a safer way for our bodies. Get ready to use your imagination and play yoga!

  • 15 minutes

    Evening Family Yoga

    By Jessica Jablonski on Nov 30, 2020

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    Make sure you have a medium-sized pillow ready for tonight’s practice! This flow is meant to imbue your evenings with connection, togetherness and maybe even a regular end-of-day family de-stress routine. We will use pillows throughout our class in fun and imaginative ways. You can expect a wide variety of poses such as cat-cow, tree pose, warrior 2 and airplane, some giggles, and a nice savasana that may even send you off into dreamland.

  • 21 minutes

    I Believe in Me

    By Jessica Jablonski on Nov 11, 2020

    Hatha Beginner

    Tweens It's such an important practice to wake up and start off our days with an open heart, unshakeable trust and confidence. Nowadays, it can be hard to have faith that we will get through this tough time of COVID 19. Working with the Vajrapradama Mudra, we will flow together and learn yoga tools to prepare you for a successful day.

  • 10 minutes

    Just Breathe

    By Jessica Jablonski on Nov 2, 2020

    Hatha Beginner

    Ages 3+ A playful sequence for little ones that connects them to their breath. In yoga we call our breath “Pranayama." For this class we are going to use pom poms or cotton balls to help us explore our breath and play with some fun yoga poses! You can expect some nice hip and shoulder opening and fun standing balance along the way! Enjoy!

  • 12 minutes

    Focus for Kids

    By Jessica Jablonski on Oct 7, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Beginner

    Kids ages 5-tweens (their grownups are welcome to join!) With all that is going on in the world right now, it can be hard for us to find our focus! Breathing, yoga and mindfulness can help! We will work with the haikini mudra in this practice - a mudra is another name for hand yoga. This mudra helps us find concentration. Flowing through many poses that require our direct attention and finishing in resting pose, yogis will be reminded that they can do anything they put their mind to.

  • 14 minutes

    Sweet Dreams Kids' Yoga

    By Jessica Jablonski on Sep 24, 2020

    Gentle Yoga Beginner

    This is a class meant to be practiced at night time. Sometimes it can be hard to slow down after a fun day! Yoga and meditation can help us wind down our minds and our bodies, and help us get ready for a good night's sleep. We will start with getting all the wiggles out and end in a calming, mindful body scan. You can even do this class on your bed. Sweet dreams!

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