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Drawing Your Feelings


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Published on December 30, 2023

(If the kids are off of school right now, we have you covered! And you might want to join in :)) All Ages! Are you having BIG feelings? Me, too! Sometimes we have big feelings of joy, excitement, happiness or anticipation, and other times we have big feelings of sadness, anger, fear, or frustration. Whatever your big feelings might be, the important thing is to work with the way we feel! Pretending not to be scared won't make our fear go away. In this class, we're going to draw our big feelings and then work with them in our bodies! We'll give them a way to come to the surface so we realize ALL feelings are okay, we just have to figure out why we feel the way we do, and what to do with the feelings we have. Ready? Grab some paper and crayons and let's play!

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