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Published on March 4, 2023

What is the yogi LSD flow you may be asking? LSD stands for Long, Slow, Deep (Breathing!) If you really moved one breath per movement, you'd be going pretty slowly, right? And the longer you practice, presumably the greater your lung capacity, so the slower you'd go. When was the last time you truly practiced that way? If you want to experience what that feels like (and it is deep, intense and trippy) this flow is for you. We start with grounding and meditation, then begin with mindful juicy sweet movement and stay curious and open along the way. We deeply open the hips, hamstrings and shoulders, fire up the core, play with arm balances and inversions, all while staying with one breath/movement. You will be sore tomorrow, in the best possible way! And I vacillated between intermediate and advanced on this one. Intermediate yogis are absolutely welcome, just listen to your body and keep breathing. Enjoy this very deep practice yogis, and the natural high that comes with this kind of breath-work!

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