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Angela Kukhahn

Angela's love for yoga began in 2003 after a car accident challenged her to find a way to rehab her knees.. Successfully rehabbing both knees her curiosity grew, realizing the powerful healing properties of yoga. Her interest led her to enroll in the Teacher Training with Yogaworks. She was drawn to this program because of their emphasis on anatomy, alignment principles, and proper sequencing. She was fortunate to have been paired with the very well respected, much loved, 'teachers teacher' Annie Carpenter as her mentor. She is now a strong believer as well as a student of Annie's "smart flow" yoga; a strong vinyasa flow yoga style that brings together intelligent sequencing with emphasis on safety, and proper alignment. This type of yoga strengthens tones and tightens the body, focuses the mind and allows the body to open in a safe and logical way.

Angela's classes are playful, fun and sweaty vinyasa flow sequences. Much more than simply stretching and strengthening, yoga enlivens and awakens every cell in the body creating muscles that work together harmoniously. Regular yoga practice improves posture, relieves stress, creates powerful core strength, and integrates the body and mind creating wellness in all parts of your being. Angela constantly strives to offer her students fresh perspective, creativity and inspiration in their yoga practice. She invites you to join her in a fun expressive exploration on your mat!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Angela's Latest Classes

  • 51 minutes

    Happy Open Hips

    By Angela Kukhahn on Jun 10, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    A fun, energizing, hip-opening flow with core strengthening, and plenty of shoulder and hamstring opening as well! Enjoy, yogis!

  • 31 minutes

    A Complete Flow, Fast

    By Angela Kukhahn on May 14, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    When you want it all but you're short on time, look no further! A complete flow, fast! Hips, shoulders, hamstrings, core, twists, standing balance, arm balance, backbends, inversions? Yes? Yes!

  • 34 minutes

    Powerful Powerflow

    By Angela Kukhahn on Apr 29, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Hello yogis! This is a power-flow! Lots of standing poses to build some nice heat and get the energy flowing, with some fun twists along the way. Great as a rise-and-shine, anytime.

  • 33 minutes

    Ready, Set, Flow!

    By Angela Kukhahn on Mar 25, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Side body opening, hips, hamstrings, shoulders, quads, standing balance, backbends, handstands ...what more could you ask for in 30 minutes? Ready, set, let's flow!

  • 46 minutes

    Twisty Hips Flow

    By Angela Kukhahn on Feb 20, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Join Angela for a fun. creative, twisty hip-opening flow! Lots of love for the shoulders, hamstrings and core as well. Grab two blocks and enjoy, yogis!

  • 23 minutes

    Movement + Breath + Oh Yes

    By Angela Kukhahn on Feb 5, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Hello yogis! Looking for something short but extra sweet that will open every major muscle group and get you moving and grooving and feeling good? I've got you covered! Grab a couple of blocks and hit play!

  • 22 minutes

    Hips + Twists + Joy

    By Angela Kukhahn on Jan 22, 2024

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Hi Yogis! Today we're going to open the hips, add some twists and nice back-bending, and play with some quick arm-balancing! Grab a couple of blocks, breathe deeply, and I bet we'll uncover some joy along the way, as well!

  • 34 minutes

    Backbendy Things!

    By Angela Kukhahn on Dec 24, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Give yourself the gift of a flexible spine this season by joining Angela as you flow through some spinal and hip flexor warm-ups which lead to camel, full wheel (with blocks which is a game-changer if you've got tight/painful wrists or shoulders) and finally, scorpion in pincha! Woot! Lots to open here, folks!

  • 27 minutes

    Block to UnBlock

    By Angela Kukhahn on Dec 9, 2023

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Do you tend to be a little tighter in the hips and hamstrings? Grab two blocks and let's make some magic happen! This practice is all about using the blocks to find space and freedom. Great for runners, bikers and hikers, or anyone who carries some tension in these places!

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