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Kate Duyn

Yogini, teacher, trainee and mentor, Kate Duyn has dedicated over 15 years to her practice and profession. Since relocating to LA in 2009, she has taught at over ten different studios and gyms in the area and led 200 Hour Teacher Trainings for Pure Yoga at Equinox, Goda Yoga, and Yogis Anonymous with Ally Hamilton. Kate founded Light on Lotus Yoga in Mar Vista in August of 2016. She leads annual Teacher Trainings, specialized workshops, retreats, and has been streaming online with Yogis Anonymous since 2010. Her classes are known for their creative but intelligent sequencing, free flow acro-athleticism and soulfulness. She has a knack for guiding students to new depths while maintaining a sense of humor. Kate seamlessly weaves yoga philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation and movement into a rich and heartfelt experience in which she sets out to circulate as much joy through the body as possible. She bows deeply to the great lineage of teachers that have come before her on this path and to Laughing Lotus co-founders Dana Trixie Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has lived and taught in New York, San Francisco, and currently resides in Mar Vista in LA, CA.

Kate's Latest Classes

  • 57 minutes

    Stardust Flow

    By Kate Duyn on Oct 13, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A practice about coming home to ourselves, to the Divine Mother, to Mother Earth. An acknowledgement that we are all made of the same stuff and a celebration of that reality as we move, breathe and flow. Expect lots of deep hip, shoulder and hamstring opening in this one, folx! Some fun extended hand-to-heel pose and half lotus variations that may lead to bharadvaja's twist and yoga dandasana (please listen to your body and make sure you never feel deep hip openers in your knees!) Enjoy, yogis!

  • 34 minutes

    Stabilize Your Low Back

    By Kate Duyn on Sep 14, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Having some low back or sciatic pain? Want to practice in a way that will strengthen and stabilize your sacroiliac joints and low back? Kate to the rescue! Grab a block and get ready to move mindfully, yogis!

  • 63 minutes

    Truth is My Name

    By Kate Duyn on Aug 16, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Sat Nam, yogis! Get aligned with your highest truth in this creative, flowing sequence that opens the hips, shoulders and hamstrings, fires up the core and gives you chances to play on your hands and upside down!

  • 47 minutes

    Thou Art That

    By Kate Duyn on Jul 29, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    You are what you seek! You have to create the energy from within to receive that energy from around you. If you want love, you have to be loving. If you want to be happy you have to find the joy inside and put it out there! If you want things to work out you have to be willing to work! Are you ready? Let's do this!

  • 50 minutes

    Ready for a Deep Clean?

    By Kate Duyn on Jul 2, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Saucha is the name of this game, folx! Often translated as purity or cleanliness, referring to both the space around you and the space inside you, in this practice we're going to do a big energetic cleanse! Are you ready for a deep clean?

  • 52 minutes

    Turn Up the Heat

    By Kate Duyn on Jun 12, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    This is a heat-building flow with lots of breath-work to both ground you and open you. Lots of creative reps and variations in places you wouldn't expect them, hip opening and heart opening galore. Enjoy, yogis!

  • 51 minutes

    Connection Matters

    By Kate Duyn on May 16, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A class that's all about deep connection and celebrating our beautiful desire to connect with one another! Lots of opportunities to get centered with creative core work, fun standing splits variations to check in with your balance, and a flow that might or might not lead you to one-legged crow pose and bherundasana (chin stand)! Two blocks are helpful, yogis!

  • 56 minutes

    See Clearly + Fly Free!

    By Kate Duyn on Apr 23, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A little garuda mudra and pranayama for inward freedom and clarity of vision starts us off on an adventure that targets pigeon variations (even during your core work), eagle variations, and monkey pose right-side up and upside-down! Omg along the way, fun with standing balance, twists and all kinds of love for your shoulders, hips and hamstrings. Sat Nam, yogis, let's play!

  • 47 minutes

    The Power of Transformation

    By Kate Duyn on Apr 2, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A Shiva/third chakra-geared sequence designed to help us harness the power of transformation balancing Shiva and Shakti energies (masculine and feminine), so we can both embrace change as it happens, and also find the strength to change the things we want to shift! Whether you need to change your approach or the way you might habitually respond to situations in ways that aren't serving you, become your own alchemist in this practice! Think twists to wring yourself out, and backbends to open your heart to whatever may within you or around you! Fun shiva shapes, navasana for rocky waters, and a sense of humor along the way!

  • 56 minutes

    Tether Your Wild Horses

    By Kate Duyn on Mar 2, 2021

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Tame the wild horses of your mind and come into a state of single-pointed concentration, otherwise known as yoga! We will explore horse pose in this practice, so you will want a blanket! Along the way we'll open the hips, hamstrings and shoulders and you'll have opportunities to get upside down as well. Enjoy, yogis!

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