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Kate Duyn

Yogini, teacher, trainee and mentor, Kate Duyn has dedicated over 15 years to her practice and profession. Since relocating to LA in 2009, she has taught at over ten different studios and gyms in the area and led 200 Hour Teacher Trainings for Pure Yoga at Equinox, Goda Yoga, and Yogis Anonymous with Ally Hamilton. Kate founded Light on Lotus Yoga in Mar Vista in August of 2016. She leads annual Teacher Trainings, specialized workshops, retreats, and has been streaming online with Yogis Anonymous since 2010. Her classes are known for their creative but intelligent sequencing, free flow acro-athleticism and soulfulness. She has a knack for guiding students to new depths while maintaining a sense of humor. Kate seamlessly weaves yoga philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation and movement into a rich and heartfelt experience in which she sets out to circulate as much joy through the body as possible. She bows deeply to the great lineage of teachers that have come before her on this path and to Laughing Lotus co-founders Dana Trixie Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has lived and taught in New York, San Francisco, and currently resides in Mar Vista in LA, CA.

Kate's Latest Classes

  • 47 minutes

    Staying Fully Alive

    By Kate Duyn on Aug 20, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A flowy leg-centric practice that is all about staying centered and strong in the midst of uncertainty and challenge. Deeply open the hamstrings, hips, shoulders and upper back. Wring yourself out with some sweet twists, and work your way toward monkey pose and chin stand. Two blocks will be helpful for many!

  • 46 minutes

    Flip the Script

    By Kate Duyn on Jul 15, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Sometimes the best thing we can do when everything feels like too much, is to flip the script! We're all dealing with so much right now, and it's important to balance out our thinking and our perspective! Having said that, we spend a lot of time upside down in this flow. Think headstands and charging scorpion forearm stand. Happy cow face pose and all kind of other fun along the way. Let's shake things up!

  • 68 minutes

    Heart Toward Heaven

    By Kate Duyn on Jun 26, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Lift your heart toward heaven. A deep heart-opening flow that will open your shoulders, upper back and chest and leave you feeling both open and in touch with your own beautiful resilience. Kapotasana variations on your way to a possible kapotasana once we're warm!

  • 59 minutes

    Chakra Awakening Lotus Flow

    By Kate Duyn on Jun 10, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Get grounded and work your way up to a feeling of oneness. Once your wheels are spinning, you can expect lots of heart-opening as we head toward forearm stand, charging scorpion, and viparita dandasana variations. Energizing and heart-opening, just what we need right about now. Enjoy, yogis!

  • 53 minutes

    Handful of Flowers

    By Kate Duyn on May 23, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Giving and receiving. Make an offering to start your practice so it's full of intention, love, devotion...bhakti! Lots of shoulder, hip and hamstring opening, love for your IT bands, pigeon pose, standing splits, upper back opening all in preparation for some fun poses like perch pose and eventually, fallen angel. The receiving comes from the doing and then the surrendering. Enjoy, yogis!

  • 49 minutes

    Salute Your Inner Light

    By Kate Duyn on May 4, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    An energizing flow that's all about stoking and acknowledging your own light so you can share it freely with the world! You're going to feel your quads in this one, folks, and get ready for some Kundalini frogs to really get those flames going! Crow pose, bhujapidasana and tittibhasana all make appearances, along with lots of archer pose variations and some omg's! Enjoy, yogis and shine bright!

  • 58 minutes

    Happy Cows & Funky Dolphins

    By Kate Duyn on Apr 21, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    All kinds of Archer's Pose and Gate pose variations, lots of shoulder, upper back and side-body opening, love for your quadriceps, hips and hamstrings, cow face pose and a fun flow where you can play with flying pigeon and funky forearm stand variations. Enjoy, yogis!

  • 53 minutes

    Fallen Angel

    By Kate Duyn on Apr 5, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A deep-dive for the neck, upper back, side body, IT band (omg), core strength, outer hips and shoulders as we head toward visvamitrasana and fallen angel. If you're going to fall from the sky, better open your IT bands on the way down ;)

  • 52 minutes

    Wish Fulfillment

    By Kate Duyn on Mar 24, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    A story about the relationship between the sage Vashista and the King Visvamitra and the arm balances named after each of them! What draws you to your practice? Is it greater flexibility, core strength, these funky poses? Or are you after something deeper, like enlightenment? Lots of fun along the way as we prep for these arm balances and consider what it is that motivates us to show up on our mats every day! Whatever it is that draws you in the first place, there's no doubt the path is full of hard work and glorious surprises. Maybe you'll even end up with a wish-fulfilling cow! (Let us know if that happens for you!)

  • 60 minutes


    By Kate Duyn on Mar 11, 2020

    Vinyasa Flow Advanced

    Lots of fun twists and turns in this one, folks! A little twisted boat pose, variations with Archer's pose, side body deep release, twisty arm balances, headstand action and so much more. Get ready to flow, play and swerve!

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