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Published on March 16, 2022

We start with some grounding techniques and move into alternate nostril breathing. Once we're centered and ready to focus, we warm up with Series C variations and core strengthening. We give a lot of love to the hamstrings in this practice (you may want to have a strap handy) and do a lot of hip opening. We play with arm balances that include crow pose, side crow, firefly pose and bhujapidasana. Handstands are our inversion today, and there are building blocks for all levels. We end with some very sweet hip opening and a deep savasana. If you're looking for a mental and physical clearing out, this is for you! This practice is Intermediate/Advanced! Meaning it's an advanced practice but intermediate yogis are totally welcome and variations and building blocks are offered, just please listen to your body! Nothing should hurt.

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