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Tutorial for 2-Strap Stretch


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Published on July 11, 2020

Most students LOVE Reclining Big Toe pose in all its variations. Using 2 straps for support can double your pleasure... but setting up two straps doesn't tend to double your fun. The reward is that you can relax and be in the poses for much longer with greater ease. Two straps stabilize the pelvis and low back and release grippy groins. It also shifts the sensations, as you get into those hard-to-reach places that your body tends to avoid releasing. This tutorial gives you a slightly less complicated version - don't tell the Iyengars?! - to KISS so you spend less time thinking about it and more time experiencing it. As with anything, take as many details as you need and come back for more as you learn to love the support that two straps gives you.

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