Yogis Anonymous

Ali Owens

Staff teacher

My name is Ali. I am a Yoga teacher, movement enthusiast, spirit junkie, nature lover and arts advocate. My passion lies in empowering people to lead their best lives – full of love, joy, abundance, and purpose. From a young age, I danced. Dance is what ignited my passion for yoga. I had no idea how my life would change as a result of my first yoga class. My original impetus to take the course was to be able to relax and unwind from the long days of training while I was studying dance in the World Arts and Cultures program at UCLA. What I discovered was a deeper connection to my breath and a genuine interest in the philosophy of the practice. Yoga followed me into the corporate world. After graduation, while I was a full-time marketing professional for the Greek Theatre and the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, working with the Nederlander Organization, I simultaneously, I enrolled in a 200 hour Teacher Training in Santa Monica. My classes are taught in an engaging and challenging Vinyasa flow, uniting movement with breath in a continual sequence. This allows for the release of tight muscles facilitating both stretching and strengthening the entire body for increased health and mobility. The intention of each class is to bridge the gap between the mind and body so you experience the present moment. My classes are fun, challenging, and uplifting with well-thought out sequences that emphasize intelligent alignment.

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