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How Hip Can You Get?


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Published on June 21, 2021

Hello, yogis! By request, here is a full-length class! 75 minutes of asana and 15 minutes of yoga nidra and savasana. The flow is full of hip opening and core strengthening so we can safely play with binds in bird of paradise and half moon. 6 minute abs because I love you and because you'll need them for koundinyasana 2, crow pose, and options to play with bhujapidasana and firefly pose, and a mashup of crow, firefly and koundinyasana if you like mashups like I do! If you're feeling frisky and want to work on wide straddles in your handstands, I give you tips and tools, or you can take an L pose or keep it restorative. Yoga Nidra in savasana so you rest deeply after working hard. Ready?

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