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Published on May 5, 2023

A true nervous system reset, perfect for days when you really need to come back to center, breathe deeply and center yourself. We begin with grounding techniques, intention-setting and breath-work, and a slow flow that truly syncs the breath with the movement. Once you're settled in and present, the heat and pace start to build. We play with standing balance (I had none, haha) and deep stretches for the hips, hamstrings and shoulders once we're warm. Then we play with inversions of your choice, including legs up the wall, the L-pose, building blocks to move into handstand with two legs together, or eagle pose upside down if you're ready. We end with more grounding so you walk away from your mat feeling the full effects of present-moment-awareness, an open body, mind and heart. Good stuff. Enjoy, yogis!

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