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Published on November 15, 2019

Nobody can make you feel anything unless you let them - but if you let me, I'm about to make you feel lots of things! Tons of core strengthening, standing balance, bandha work, eagle pose, standing spilts, twists on our feet and in arm balances (a little tutorial in eka pada koundinyasana which you can turn into dwi pada and/or fallen angel), chaturanga pushup crunches, marichyasana on your feet, a tutorial in transitioning from crow pose to tripod headstand, and handstand work! The pace is steady, this is a practice that will gently and continually demand your focus as we explore the topics of how much we allow ourselves to be swayed by what's happening around us, how much we take things personally, and how much better we feel when we retain our center and our power. Sometimes you need to detox your body and your mind!! Enjoy, yogis!

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