Yogis Anonymous

Josh Nelson

I came to yoga at a hopeless time in my life. I simultaneously lost my father and went through a very bad breakup. At first, I turned to drinking trying to numb out, but that just led to more problems. I went to a yoga class for the heck of it, not really knowing about the potential for growth and healing. After practicing three days a week for about a year, I took Ally Hamilton's class and I knew I had found my teacher. She encouraged me to practice six days a week and start a meditation practice. I have been practicing yoga almost exclusively with Ally for over a decade. I told myself at the beginning of this journey that if this yoga thing worked, then I would share it with others. And it works! I feel so blessed to be able to now teach Basic yoga classes at Yogis Anonymous. Big thanks to Ally and Dorian for making this happen.

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