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Callan Beres

Callan started ballet training on Guam with John Grensback and Megan Murphy. After apprenticing with Carolina Ballet under the leadership of Robert "Ricky" Weiss, she walked away from dance, to return 18 years later as an adult student. Callan’s yoga barre classes emphasize individual expression, constant creativity, and innovation. Her technique is greatly influenced by her training at the Laughing Lotus in New York City. Breath-work and ease of flow are two hallmarks of this practice, while at the same time being mindful of each person’s alignment, structure, and comfort level. She offers alternative postures and encourages listening to the changing needs of your body, while emphasizing that yoga barre should be fun and accessible.

Callan's Latest Classes

  • 21 minutes

    Conditioning for Extensions

    By Callan Beres on Dec 7, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    For this class, I use a resistance band by Gaynor Minden, but you can also use a long, looped strap or nothing at all. I also use a block, but you can use any small, stable item. This class introduces some key exercises meant to encourage front extension and help locate the muscles required to get your legs sky-high! Because lifting those legs requires core stability, you should expect to focus on a lower abdominal workout in addition to strengthening your hip flexors.

  • 32 minutes

    Counts and Cues

    By Callan Beres on Nov 15, 2021

    Yoga Barre Advanced

    This is a real barre warmup with combinations, counts, and cues! This class is most appropriate for dancers with some dance training because of the abbreviated breakdowns of each segment, but those who are new to dance should definitely join and modify as needed. You can expect a barre like you'd find in any ballet studio in the world, starting with pliés and ending with grand battement. Together, we'll focus on building stability through each exercise, and becoming more familiar with dance terminology and etiquette.

  • 42 minutes

    Happy Hips Can Move!

    By Callan Beres on Sep 20, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    This one is all about giving some loving attention to our hip girdle, an area alternately over-worked and under-strengthened. We start with an easy warm up to roll out the feet and ankles, optional ballet 'hops' to get the blood flowing, followed by a couple planks to bring attention to the lower abdominal area. Believe it or not, this is where your pelvic negotiation starts! You can expect gentle but challenging movement, with a cool-down inspired by the Feldenkrais Method. Bring a block or another supportive item to explore that pelvic ROM (range of movement).

  • 31 minutes

    Beginner Ballerina Legs

    By Callan Beres on Jul 29, 2021

    Yoga Barre Beginner

    Well-defined, simple exercises that you can do with or without a set of ankle weights. We introduce a lot of attitude pulses to 'turn on' the hip rotators, adductors, and IT bands. You can expect clear sequencing, but also to be challenged by deliberate movement. See you at the barre!

  • 31 minutes

    4 Conditioning Exercises

    By Callan Beres on Jul 9, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    This class uses props galore to keep your body in great condition. You can expect a breakdown of four key exercises to activate those core muscles, helping to cultivate stability for balances and turning. This is the kind of class you'll want to bookmark to review, pause between sets, and prepare a great playlist so you can move at your own pace. I go into more detail during the video, but you'll need: A bench-type surface (a sturdy coffee table would work), something heavy and grippable like the leg of your couch, a short stool or sturdy box to stand on, and a stick of some kind (mop or broom handle would do)! If all that doesn't scare you, come join me in class!

  • 43 minutes

    Dynamic Dimensions

    By Callan Beres on Jun 16, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    This class is all about dynamic stretching: Stretching in an active way to encourage our range of motion. We have a teeny-tiny baby flow incorporating simple lunges and twists that gets our hips warm and ready for stabilization exercises. You can expect a few rounds of clamshell exercises as well as a little bit of extension work.

  • 33 minutes

    Let's Take Up Some Space!

    By Callan Beres on Apr 19, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    Feeling cooped up lately? Me too. As dancers, we need to stretch and move as much as possible. This little practice does just that, without requiring a giant amount of space. Come feel expansive and breathe BIG. You can expect a little bit of everything, a ballet salad if you will: stretched arms, pointed toes, and a core muscle 'wake-up'.

  • 29 minutes

    Tougher Than It Looks

    By Callan Beres on Mar 30, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    Dancers make it look easy, but this warm-up is definitely a challenge! We'll explore some backbends, ballet-style, along with our usual slow, controlled legwork. You can expect to focus on some classic barre exercises, along with delicious cool-down stretches.

  • 25 minutes

    Gentle Morning Warm-Up

    By Callan Beres on Mar 2, 2021

    Yoga Barre Intermediate

    A quick floor practice to get your body warmed up for the day. Together, we'll explore how leg extension originates from the lower abdominals. You can expect to focus on moving your long legs through space with control by engaging the core muscles.

  • 35 minutes

    Taking It Down a Notch

    By Callan Beres on Feb 8, 2021

    Yoga Barre Beginner

    Today we're taking it down, to the ground. This floor barre series explores slow, controlled exercises designed to strengthen turnout from the hips, as well as bring awareness and stability to your dance practice. The low-impact exercises are ideal for dancers who are nursing an injury, or those who are starting out and wish to fine-tune their technique.

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