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Where the Earth meets Sky


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Published on February 4, 2021

This is a strengthening practice focusing on our hips and hamstrings. Using long holds, we will learn to create deeper connection with our legs and our back body, We will also flow to become more attuned to ourselves and how we move through space. Remember that your time on your mat is yours. Take breaks as and when you need. Honor the true inner voice of self and it will show you the way. Prior to beginning, take about 5 minutes to settle into a comfortable seat and find your breath. Breathe evenly and deeply. Try to smooth out roughness in your breathing. As you settle more into your breath, begin to awaken ujjayi pranayama (breathing through the back of your throat, creating a whispery quality of sound). As you continue to breathe fluidly, now begin to balance out your breath so that your inhales and exhales are the same length. Become mindful of your breath. Consider it a dear friend here to support you throughout your practice. Take a moment and inwardly acknowledge yourself for getting on your mat today and holding this sacred time for self-exploration. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes, and hit “play”. May all beings be happy, safe, and free, E.

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