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Sweat, Move, Breathe!


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Published on July 12, 2017

If this one doesn't make you sweat, nothing will. Keep breathing through a non-stop, sweaty, energetic flow that's spiked with some good old-fashioned core strengthening. We build heat as we flow through Humble Warrior, Warrior II, and Extended Side Angle, getting us deep into the hips and shoulders. Then we go deeper into the shoulders with Dolphin Plank, Dolphin, Bound Side Angle, and Side Plank. There's also time for standing balance with Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) and some fun with arm balances, including options for Bakasana, Bhujapidasana, and Tittibhasana. A luxurious hold in single pigeon, and of course some time for backbending, should leave you feeling wrung out and like you left it all (sweat included) on the mat.

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