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Shelley Williams, E-RYT500, has been an active student, practitioner, and teacher of mindful movement for over 15 years. She is a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, in continuum with Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, The Pilates method, and the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, and a Thai Massage bodywork therapist. A UCLA World Arts & Culture graduate and modern dancer, Shelley’s soulful classes offer a positive environment allowing students to practice at their individual level, with the option of going deeper into activating and challenging progressions. Class experiences often include world music, art, poetry, meditation, and mantra. She is deeply grateful to her inspiring mentors, Shiva Rea and Max Strom, for their guidance. Shelley works individually with private clientele, offers regular public classes, as well as annually local/international retreats, workshops, and teacher education programs with Yoga Mittra Teacher Training School. She is a resident teacher in the South Bay of Los Angeles at Yogaworks and Yoga Loft. Learn more at www.myartofyoga.com.

Shelley's Latest Classes

  • 33 minutes

    Pilates for Lower Body

    By Shelley Williams on Aug 17, 2016

    Mat Pilates Intermediate

    Strengthen and balance your roots; lower body, quads, hips, glutes, adductors, and core with a steady rhythm, graceful and playful mix of Pilates Mat exercises infused with a bit of yoga flow. Learn more Classic Pilates exercises while inside of a contemporary approach, with counter balancing stretches included ...enjoy!

  • 21 minutes

    Rock & Roll Fit Ball

    By Shelley Williams on Jul 25, 2016

    Mat Pilates Beginner

    Dust off and pump up that exercise ball in the corner of your living room! Enjoy a quick, effective, and fun pattern to shake up your circulation. This fit ball workout is a great body conditioning routine that incorporates simple, straightforward Pilates-inspired exercises to improve core strength, leg strength, upper body strength, overall flexibility, agility, and balance. Rock & Roll!

  • 27 minutes

    Pilates Mat Basics

    By Shelley Williams on Jun 15, 2016

    Mat Pilates Beginner

    Learn about the layers of your core, and the basic concepts and vocabulary of Pilates Mat methodology. Experience a contemporary sampling of classic Pilates Mat exercises for strength, with simple stretches mixed in between for flexibility. Yogis can learn about the relationship and similarities between yoga asana and Pilates exercises. Beginners, remember its always about quality, not quantity, so take your time in building strength and body awareness... enjoy!

  • 24 minutes

    Fluid Flow Pilates

    By Shelley Williams on Jun 15, 2016

    Mat Pilates Intermediate

    Get a little deeper and more focused with your endurance and stamina, as we connect the dots of our Pilates Mat exercises in a brisk yet fluid flow. You may find your heart pumping as we move from one exercise to the next seamlessly, and build your core strength and functional movement for overall strength and flexibility. Have fun and let it flow!

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