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Yoga has influenced Jamie's life for over two decades. She is a student of 8Limbs Yoga Centers and completed their teacher training in 2010. Originally from New York, Jamie lives in Washington with her husband and two kids.She teaches yin and vinyasa yoga to all levels. Her classes are filled with lighthearted energy and creative sequences, coupled with breath awareness. Jamie encourages curiosity and playfulness to discover and nurture connections within the physical and energetic bodies. She weavesAyurvedic principles, pranayama, mantra, mudra and Vedic stories through the movement practice to create a rich experience. The intention of her yin yoga classes is to explore mindfulness and support the nervous system in quiet, passive poses. When you practice yin yoga, you create more harmony within your physical and energetic bodies increasing your overall well-being. Hers is a practice of devotion and you will also be challenged to practice with intention and devotion to your heart, your body, and your energy.

Jamie's Latest Classes

  • 35 minutes

    Evening Yin

    By Jamie Monte on Jul 16, 2023

    Yin Beginner

    In this practice, you will create space in your body and sweep away stiffness and stagnant energy. With the practice of mindfulness, you will bring more peace to your mind and let go of any attachment or anything sticky from your day so you can sleep well. You can even wear pajamas so you're ready. Grab your lavender essential oil for its calming effects if you have some! For this practice, you will need a bolster, blanket, 2 blocks, and a wall. Peak poses - reclined butterfly pose, legs up the wall. Sweet dreams, yogis!

  • 44 minutes

    Fall Season Yin

    By Jamie Monte on Sep 28, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    In the Fall, the focus is on balance and boundaries. Moderation is key in getting you through transitions without getting sick. As you wind down from Summer, keep an eye on how you spend your time and energy at work and in your social life. Is it sustainable for the season? We will work with the lung and large intestine meridians which flow through the chest, arms, and shoulders. Diffuse Rosemary which improves concentration and memory.

  • 33 minutes

    Heart Open Summer Yin

    By Jamie Monte on Jul 22, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    A yin practice for the heart. Summer-inspired. Summer is filled with vibrant energy. Take time out of your busy day to just be. To rest and digest. When our heart and digestion are harmonious, we feel an enthusiasm for life and genuine warmth in our interactions. This practice will bring you more ease within yourself and the world around you.

  • 46 minutes

    Yin Yoga for the Spring!

    By Jamie Monte on Mar 23, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    Spring is a time to thrive. Yoga can help us be fully present and engaged as we shift seasons and are open to new perspectives. How we move, how we breathe, and what we eat can help us embrace this transitional time of year. This practice is about lightening up and clearing out. The liver and gallbladder are the organs that support the cleansing process. Lemon essential oil is a cleansing oil. Peak poses - Bananasana, figure 4.

  • 42 minutes

    Winter Yin

    By Jamie Monte on Feb 7, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    A yin practice to revitalize. Winter-inspired. In this practice, we will work with the superficial back line of fascia where the kidney and urinary bladder meridians flow. Backbends increase energy and energy reserves. Forward bends help restore energetic reserves, calm the fear response and other habitual reactions. For this practice, you will need a blanket, bolster, strap, 2 blocks, and a wall. Peak poses - Toe squat, reclined hand to big toe pose.

  • 6 minutes

    Props in Yin Yoga

    By Jamie Monte on Jan 30, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    In the yin practice, we want to feel something - not too much and not too little. Comfortably uncomfortable in most poses. We are looking to create healthy stress on the deep tissues in the body -the yin tissues. They respond and become more resilient with this type of training rather than with movement which is what our muscles or yang tissues need. Props can help us relax and tell our nervous system we are safe. Bolster, blankets, blocks, strap, chair, wall. Get creative with your props at home - use a tie from your robe as a strap, stiff couch cushion, or pillow as a bolster. Use books for blocks!

  • 39 minutes

    Morning Yin Yoga

    By Jamie Monte on Jan 13, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    This morning practice will help you get up on the best side of the bed. On a physical level, yin yoga is most effective when our muscles are cold so we can reach the deeper layers of the body. Coupled with mindfulness, and guided Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing, this is a great way to start your day and set yourself up for more ease in your physical body and clarity in your mind.

  • 35 minutes

    Intro to Yin Yoga

    By Jamie Monte on Jan 1, 2022

    Yin Beginner

    Yin yoga offers the opportunity to find a profound release of tension in the deeper lying tissues in the body and can significantly increase your range of motion. In this class, Jamie introduces you to the 3 principles, the tattvas, and some of the beauty and benefits of the yin practice. As you practice please remain passive, relaxed, take your time. Before you begin, create a calming environment whatever that means for you. Perhaps you want to light a candle? You will need a blanket and a bolster (a couch pillow will work as long as it's firm). Your body and your nervous system will thank you for slowing down and opening deeply. Enjoy, yogis!

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