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Healing Yoga for Tight Shoulders


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Published on January 20, 2012

This short session focuses exclusively on postures and breath that can help reopen tight shoulders, whether they are the result of a lot of time in the gym or a lot of time at a desk and/or computer. Fundamental relationships between the position of arms and shoulders is reviewed as the arms are positioned at varying angles to mindfully maximize flexibility in the shoulders. We also explore the way moving the bones affects the surrounding non-muscular joint tissue. Poses can be practiced as a full sequence, or chosen more "ala carte" as they are experienced to be effective. Ideal for beginners who feel they are "too tight for yoga" as well as for more advanced yogis who need to be sensitive to sore or traumatized shoulders. A yoga strap (or fashion belt) is used on several occasions, and an optional final pose utilizes a yoga block, bolster, and blanket.

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