Yogis Anonymous

Kourtney Kaas

Kourtney loves the joy and freedom that arises from the merging of movement, breath, rhythm and flow – there is no other feeling like it. She brings 11 years of yoga practice, 20 years of dance and movement theatre, Alexander Technique and Reiki training to her teaching.

This experience combined with a passion for yoga and her joyful freedom of movement infuse a practice that both encourages and challenges students to explore the physical practice in a playful way, fueled by breath, moving fluidly in the direction of surrender and stillness.

Kourtney also teaches classes at YogaHop and Equinox Fitness as well as teaching privately and in corporate settings. She enjoys her high school classes at West Adams Preparatory Academy in partnership with Get Fit Go Play's School Program. Originally from Minnesota, she holds a BFA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in Acting from UCLA.

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