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Eoin Finn

Eoin Finn, BA, EYRT is a yogi, surfer and blissologist who has been teaching his unique and transformative approach to Yoga and Blissology across the world.

Eoin's passion for spreading his vision of body and mind coexisting in harmony with nature and community has led him to be featured in the "we like this guy" section of Oprah Magazine. An avid athlete and surfer, Eoin has worked with hundreds of pro athletes. It is his love of the ocean and the creatures within it that allowed Eoin to find the courage to follow the words of his greatest hero Joseph Campbell and "follow his Bliss" making the move from his highly popular yoga classes in Vancouver, BC; to the remote, wild and stunningly beautiful Canadian surf paradise of Tofino, BC. This powerful connection to Nature informs all his teachings.

A vinyasa yoga experience with Eoin emphasizes the intelligent alignment of joints so movements in yoga and all of life's activities are fluid and bio-mechanically sound. This way our yoga practice becomes a tool to allow the body to function well now, and for years to come.

In 2001 he founded a movement called Blissology which is the art of tuning into the force that makes us feel connected to each other and the planet; and using it to guide us so that we achieve our own goals while minimizing our impact on the web of life.

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