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Dana Flynn

Dana Trixie Flynn has become known as a "teacher's teacher" and is celebrated for her wildly poetic Lotus Flow Yoga and her raw and generous spirit. Dubbed the "Janis Joplin of Yoga," Dana is inspired daily by the beautiful community and creative teaching family that surrounds her at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC. She continues to grow her yoga family by working closely with Lineage Project and Africa Yoga Project, with whom she is honored to help raise funds and awareness to spread the yoga love. She teaches from her daily practice and this year marks her 25th year of practicing yoga. She feels blessed beyond belief.

Lotus Flow™ is a dynamic, innovative and soulful yoga dance - a devotional asana that spiritualizes the physical body, takes you on an uplifting journey and connects you to your own divine path.

Learn more at nyc.laughinglotus.com.

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