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Sadie is a renowned Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert and the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. She travels internationally bringing a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques to her yoga and lifestyle teachings. Yoga Journal calls her a "star instructor" for her ability to inspire real transformation in body mind and heart.

Her 15 years of study in the yogic arts, energetics, eastern and western philosophy, nutrition, anatomy and Ninja training, attract students of all styles seeking to draw the powerful energy of Center into their yoga practice and their lives. Sadie's signature Core Poses amplify the benefits of any practice, as she directs her students to access and express themselves from that deep connection.

Her Total Body Transformation DVD series are #1 bestsellers on Amazon. Sadie is on the faculty at Omega and Kripalu, and tours with the Yoga Journal Conferences. She's the Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert for the Dr. Oz based website phenomenon Sharecare.

Her accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools are regularly covered by the national media including Elle, Glamour, Self, the New York Times, CNN, Yoga Journal. She's a regular blogger and columnist for national magazines like Yoga Journal, Martha Stewart's Whole Living Magazine, the Huffington Post and the Elephant Journal. Sadie is also the author of the life-shifting book, "The Road Trip Guide to the Soul" (Wiley, 2008) which is currently being produced as a TV show.

She is a prolific presence online with over 200 videos, 6 million views and 20,000 regular subscribers, as well as over 10,000 fans on Facebook. She lives and Oms in Brooklyn, New York and takes it on the road touring internationally sharing her gifts.

Sadie's Latest Classes

  • 93 minutes

    Strong Core Open Heart

    By Sadie Nardini on Dec 7, 2011

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Open your heart without putting strain on your low back. Finding length in the front of the spine and back of the neck from the inner body will help you to safely and fully open that heart!

  • 86 minutes

    Learning To Fly

    By Sadie Nardini on Dec 6, 2011

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Draw power up through your deep core line from a solid foundation. Access the inner body by softening the outer body and fly!

  • 86 minutes

    Back Body Revolution

    By Sadie Nardini on Dec 5, 2011

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Get into the back body with soft wave-like motion to find the deep core line. Refine your practice and dissolve over-reliance in tension building movement of the outer body and tap into the strength of the inner body.

  • 95 minutes

    Core Revival

    By Sadie Nardini on Dec 4, 2011

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    Sunday Core Revival with Sadie Nardini! Tap into your deep core line and ignite your soul in this inspirational and transformative flow.

  • 100 minutes

    The Core Strength Transformer

    By Sadie Nardini on Aug 23, 2011

    Vinyasa Flow Intermediate

    This vigorous and empowering flow includes the full spectrum of asana to ignite and transform your core strength using deeper core alignment, signature core poses, energetics, and breath. A great addition to any yoga style!

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