Yogis Anonymous

Yoga for Busy Moms 2.0

As a busy mom myself, I know that it can be hard to prioritize self-care, but I also know (from learning the hard way!), that if I sacrifice that, everything suffers, especially my ability to show up and nurture the people in my life the way that I want to! The relationship you’re having with yourself is the foundation of everything in your life—your relationships with the people closest to you, your ability to feel fulfilled creatively, and your power to tap into your own intuition so it can guide you through this crazy experience called life and parenthood! This next set of sessions is made up of segments that could comprise one hour-long flow, or can be done as stand-alone 15-30 minute practices. I know that sometimes finding an hour for yourself might not be possible! When you want to be a rock for others, you really have to nurture yourself! Much love, Ally Hamilton