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A regular yoga practice makes you stronger, steadier, more balanced, more compassionate. By making the world within you a better place, you make the world we all share a better place, too.

We are here to support you and guide you in this process daily. Whether you roll out your mat on your living room floor or ours.

We're your local yoga studio.

Except you don't have to be anywhere near our Santa Monica studio to practice with us.

If you do live nearby, great. Come on in. Here's our local class schedule.

We regularly film at the studio.

So you can take class at home, at the office, or on the road. Our classes aren't staged, this is simply what's happening here every day, and you can join in the fun.

Community. We all need it, and that is the reason we are here!

We love our teachers.
You will too.

Some of the most experienced, dedicated, and inspiring yoga teachers in the world are here. So we can share their talents with you, regardless of where you live or how much yoga experience you have.

Or whether or not you're wearing a $100 pair of yoga pants.

Our collection is growing steadily.

We add new videos every day, so you'll never get bored like you do with those stale workout DVDs gathering dust in your closet.

You can create customized "channels" that allow you to quickly locate the kinds of classes that interest you. Even get notified when these classes are published.

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